Find out how to make your marketing work toward your success:

Move In. Get closer to your sales team and listen in on the conversations they’re having with prospects and clients—it’s more important than ever. Find out what they are facing and consider how your marketing plans need to adjust to what you’ve learned.

Spell It Out. Refine your 2009 marketing plans for the challenging economic climate. Be certain that you’ve identified measurable goals and adopt a strategy that can produce results for your company.

Change It Over. Fit your messaging to the times. Rewrite your offer messaging to focus around product and service benefits—it’s most important during a difficult economy. Rather than highlighting what your product does or how it does it—write about what problem it solves or how it will save money or resources.

Check Around. Make sure your current marketing efforts are proving results. If you’re unsure, now is the best time to find out. Ensuring that your marketing tactics are measurable is vital to proving the success of your marketing initiatives.

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