Industrial marketers looking to stretch every dollar in their marketing budget and invest in effective and measurable marketing programs should add e-newsletter sponsorships to their marketing mix. E-newsletter advertisements are a perfect complement to your e-mail marketing efforts.

Here are five reasons why e-newsletters are a smart marketing choice.

1. Your customers and prospects rely on e-newsletters as an information source
According to the GlobalSpec 2010 Economic Outlook Survey of engineering, technical, manufacturing and industrial professionals, 60 percent receive three or more e-newsletters, and 55 percent read e-newsletters at least daily or several times a week. What’s more, over the past 12 months, 36 percent have reduced their use of printed trade magazines, continuing a documented trend over the past several years. Given your audience’s preferences for online media, e-newsletters are a better use of marketing dollars than traditional print media and a more effective way to connect with customers and prospects.

2. E-newsletters fit your marketing strategy
Given today’s economy, your company may be broadening its efforts to reach new markets that are weathering the downturn better than others, and to gain sales that might otherwise not come your way. You might be focusing on a specific market, putting your marketing muscle towards those prospects most likely to become customers, perhaps in a specific vertical where you have had past success. In either case, e-newsletters that are targeted to specific industries allow you to connect with hard-to-reach prospects or gain visibility in new markets.

3. E-newsletters are measurable
Marketers are under greater pressure than ever to demonstrate accountability and return on marketing investments. The performance of e-newsletters, like other online marketing, is measurable—almost from the minute the e-newsletter is sent out. White papers, Webinars, case studies and application notes all are good offers to include. Armed with metrics, you know exactly how well your e-newsletter sponsorship is performing.

4. E-newsletters help save money, resources and time
With e-newsletter sponsorships, you don’t have to manage the e-mail list, produce the newsletter content, or send the e-mail. You also don’t need to pay for a graphic designer to create an advertisement. Most e-newsletter ads are quick and easy to create. Another benefit to e-newsletters is speed. If you have a special promotion you want to run or an end-of-quarter push, you don’t need to wait: often you can reserve e-newsletter space, create an ad and publish your message all within a short period of time.

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