Yesterday I listened to Larry Bailin, author of Mommy, Where do Customers Come From? and CEO of Single Throw internet marketing company, speak about changes in the world of marketing. 

Larry is a great speaker – engaging, provoking and entertaining. I haven’t read his book but if it follows his speaking style it should be a great read. 

A few things from the talk caught my attention: 

  • We are at the end of a decade. What worked at the beginning of the decade won’t work in the next
  • Stand out or stand aside and be part of the noise.
  • No one remembers a great creative Web site.

As far as social media, Bailin had this to share: 

  • MySpace has lost the race
  • One in five has a Facebook page
  • 35+ age market is fastest growing segment on Facebook
  • Businesses are moving to Facebook in droves

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