It’s evident that during uncertain economic times marketing is vulnerable to budget cuts and scaling down. While this is true, it can also mean an opportunity for companies who continue to market, to stand out even more—this certainly holds true in the case of using direct mail.

According to BtoB online’s article “Dealing with Recession: personalizing direct mail can rekindle delight of finding something special in the mailbox”, the simple fact that we are no longer being inundated with direct mail due to cost increases and budgets being cut, means your company has a chance to increase its visibility. Yours may well be the only piece in someone’s mailbox these days—imagine the interest your mail could garner being the sole focus of someone’s attention.

Especially with the low cost of emailing, we are all being sent more marketing emails than ever, and while a good, relevant email to a targeted audience can be a highly effective tool, now is the time to consider direct mail, with its usage down so significantly—it just may be well worth the time and investment.

Another argument for using direct mail aside from standing out is the sheer enjoyment people seem to get from receiving a personal piece of mail. BtoB states that less than 3.8% of the mail the Post Office delivers is personal. Direct mail is clearly an underused way of connecting directly with people. That said, the most effective direct mail tactic is to customize your piece as much as possible to the recipient. A personal letter that looks, and feels like a personal letter, as opposed to ad in an envelope—gives you a shot at genuinely touching and communicating with a customer or prospect. Read more of BtoB’s direct mail article here.

There is also a host of research that points to most effective tactics to use in terms of the size, look and feel of the creative, that make it even easier to ensure your direct mail piece is the most successful for whom you are trying to reach. For more tips on how to develop appropriate creative, read Marketing Profs article: “Five Inexpensive Direct Mail Tools to Generate Sales Leads Fast.”

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