The concept of messaging within the role of marketing is paramount. It also may be so automatic that you haven’t thought about how it should change and morph given the challenging economy.

  1. Product messaging needs to be turned around to be benefit specific instead of product feature specific.
  2. Messaging should be focused on cost savings and how you can help them do more with less.
  3. Changing where you are messaging to your clients and prospects is also critical in 2009 – online marketing vehicles such as e-newsletters and email will help to stay in front of your target audience despite smaller budgets.
  4. Ask yourself if your messaging is offering something your target audience will want to act on. It’s important to stay current and action focused.
  5. Be sure to include multiple offers. The more hooks in the water in 2009, the better. You never know what stage of the buying cycle your audience is in.

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