1. Move In & Listen Up—Getting closer to your sales team and the conversations they are having with prospects and clients is more important than ever to ensure that your market messaging is following suit.
  2. Spell it out—Be sure that your 2009 marketing plans are refined for the challenging economy. Identify measurable goals and adopt a strategy that can produce results for your company. After all, marketing is about offering the benefits, the competitive advantages as well as to connect with your prospects and clients.
  3. Change it Over—Your messaging needs to fit the times. That may mean that you need to rewrite your offer messaging to focus around the benefits most important during a down economy.
  4. Check Up—How measurable are your marketing efforts? If you are unsure, now is a good time to find out. Ensuring that your tactics are measurable is the key to proving the success of your marketing initiatives.
  5. Pitch In—Find out how your can offer your marketing expertise to help write sales proposals and presentations. Your marketing skills are worth a lot to them!


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