A Webinar can not only be a good tool for positioning your company as a thought leader, but it can also be a successful lead generation mechanism.
And if you can offer archived webinars, all the better—as they simply exist on your site and don’t require the resources that putting on a live Webinar does. This also means they can be watched at whatever time is convenient for the viewer.

When deciding to develop a webinar, how do you get started? The first step is to pick the right topic. When the right topic is chosen, it can attract an audience of potential customers who are in a high interest frame of mind, typically of people in the buying and evaluating process. Also remember to choose content that focuses on providing a solution that will solve a problem. Anticipate the need or problem of the prospect and their reason for attending your webinar.

Next, try and keep your webinar short. It shouldn’t last longer than an hour, as most attendees’ interest will be lost after sixty minutes. And you’ll need to choose a Webinar service—this article offers some advice on selecting a service provider to host your webinar.

Lastly, make sure and have attendees register for a Webinar – live or archived. Registrants become potential sales leads. The registration process can also include a few more in-depth “purchase intent” questions such as brands or products currently owned, level of interest in purchasing product as well as purchase time frame.

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