We hope the Marketing Maven has helped you be successful in 2008, a year of change and challenge by almost any measure. Each December, we feature our readers’ favorite and most widely read marketing articles from the past year.

We start off with “Be Small Act Large: Use Marketing to Position Yourself as a Big Company.” While small companies can promote the fact that every customer gets royal treatment and personal service, sometimes looking bigger than you are can open doors to business opportunities that might otherwise be shut. For those times when you need to look big, here’s how to use marketing to give you the look you need.

Another popular article is “Beyond Your Web Site: Seven Ways to Build Online Presence.” Every company knows it needs a Web site, but to effectively compete in the market today you need a strong and visible presence in the same online sources your customers and prospects use while searching for products and conducting research. This article shows you how to do it.

Finally, business-to-business e-mail is still a cost-effective marketing tactic that drives incremental revenue and builds brand visibility. Read “Five Practical Ways to Improve E-mail Marketing” to find out how you can make your e-mail marketing efforts produce better results.

We’re looking forward to 2009 and hope you’ll stay with the Marketing Maven. We have another year of the best marketing advice planned to help you meet your marketing objectives.


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