Blogs have not taken off yet in the B2B industrial market place.  According to research we have done, 13% of engineers and other technical buyers indicated that they use blogs for work-related purposes.  In contrast more than 80% are visiting supplier websites and using search engines for work purposes. 

You are not alone if your company doesn’t have a blog.  About 6% of industrial suppliers have a blog today. Download full research report here. 

If you have limited resources – people, time and money – then I would not put “starting a blog” at the top of your list.  However, the use of blogs will only increase, and there is also a bit of a chicken and the egg issue at play here.  If there are only a few blogs to be read, how can the industrial buyer use them?

My advice is to get familiar with blogs, read a few and keep abreast of the trends so you will be prepared to step into this area.

One example of a company who has stepped into the blogoshpere is Indium.  They have several people within the company blogging on such topics as semiconductor packaging and electronics assembly.  There are frequent posts, and from what I can tell, technical content which is what the industrial searcher craves.  This is the kind of content that can position your company as an expert.  Check it out if you want to see an example of how you can use blogs as part of your marketing strategy.

If you have a good example of a blog for engineers and other technical buyers please share.


  1. Two words that every business owner and manager loves. A blog is simple to set up even for the technologically challenged. There are a number of free blogging services, and while these aren’t ideal for a business blog they offer a way to start.

  2. Can blogs really help people find the “right” products that they are looking for? I think so. People can review information and then go to the product’s web site to find out about the pricing and compare. All from their desk.

  3. The hardest part is finding time to write when most of our time is spent helping our customers. We do not outsource our content.

    The blog on our environmental equipment website is written by our scientists primarily for our main customers, geologists and engineers in the environmental consulting field. We talk about new products, industry trends, new regulations, and tradeshows. We try to solve technical problems related to choosing the correct equipment for an application.

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