Check out this interview video spotlight entitled, "GlobalSpec: Firing Up the Vertical Search Market".  Chief Sales & Marketing Officer Angela Hribar was recently interviewed by, an online news publication focused on the Internet advertising and media industry for members of the advertising community

In it, Hribar discusses GlobalSpec, our philosophy and what differentiates us from other online advertising solutions for the industrial marketplace.   Topics include company history, our audience, vertical search, competition, and the imprint that GlobalSpec has made.  Yes I’m biased, but this is worth watching if you want to learn more about what sets GlobalSpec apart from other online options. 

She encourages listeners to include vertical search as part of their marketing plan, saying, "If you’re not getting some experience with vertical search through GlobalSpec, you’re putting yourselves and your customers at a disadvantage, now and well into the future.  I’m not saying that GlobalSpec should be 100% of your media buy, but it should be the essential foundation of the media mix for anyone who’s in this space."

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