I attended the DMA B2B conference in Orlando last week. One session I sat in on was given by Russell Kern entitled, “Turn Demand Generation Disasters into Epic Victories.” One thing Kern pointed out is that you’ve got classic direct marketing and new online marketing. The principles are actually very similar but the langauge used around each is different. Many of us in industrial B2B marketing have been around when voicemail was the great communication tool. It was evident from some in attendance at the conference that B2B marketers still have some catching up to do on the new media side. 

The key for industrial marketers is to bridge between the old and new media.  And for most marketers it means learning more about the new tactics and terminology and how they can be leveraged for your business. If you don’t, you risk losing share for your company as online is where engineers and industrial buyers are spending their time for product discovery, evaluation and supplier research. Read more about the media usage trends for your audience in GlobalSpec’s Engineering Trends Survey Report

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