I’m a big fan of Nigerian email scam.  I love the tragic background story that accompanies each email request for money. Rarely do I receive any of these emails anymore.  Either our corporate spam filters are really working, or Nigerian email scam has fallen out of fashion.

But today I received another scam email that took the Nigerian concept to a whole new level.  The scam was that a "hit" had been put on me and the sender could prevent my impending death if I sent money.

I didn’t have to send all the money upfront.  There was the promise of pay $8,000 now and then you’ll get the tape recording of the hit man and with another payment of $7000 I would live.  Apparently my life is worth $15,000. 

The writer of this “Hit Man” scam could apply some basic email campaign tips:

  • Proof read and spell check
  • Personalization is great, but don’t fill in XXXX for a name
  • Avoid over use of CAPS – its hard to read
  • Break up your text in to easily read chunks – white space is good

I do not believe this scam will be as effective as the Nigerian scam.  It has taken the fear of loss concept to an extreme.  At least with Nigerian email you had the interesting background story of who was related to whom and what tragedy had befallen the former Prince of Zimbabwe and his family plus, of course, the promise of sharing in the wealth. 

If you’d like to read some Nigerian email this site catalogs some examples: http://potifos.com/fraud/

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