We host a webinar twice a month that gives an overview of how GlobalSpec can help suppliers in the industrial space better target an audience of engineering, industrial and technical professions, generate high quality leads and build brand.

Last week the presenter was unable to login to the meeting from a remote location at the last minute. The marketing manager hosting the event made a frantic search for some of the back-up speakers in the office but came up short so she gave the webinar herself. She was able to because she had created the presentation and was familiar with the content. We had another webinar where our second speaker had a power outage in their home office and lost the phone land line.

One thing is for certain, when doing live webinars, sooner or later something will fail. People get sick, technology goes down and weather doesn’t cooperate. You can’t prevent things going bump at the last minute but you can be prepared to handle them smoothly. Making sure you have back-up plans for every possible scenario will ensure that you handle these situations effectively.

I was listening on a webinar recently where the slides could not be displayed. The presenters forgot to mute their phone line as their ensuing panic became evident. I know I stayed on just to hear what would happen next.

If you are using webinars as a way to engage customers, follow these tips to handle the inevitable problems:

  • Make sure you have a back-up presenter on call
  • Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse
  • Think through the failure scenarios and create a back-up plan
  • Power outages
  • Internet connectivity failure
  • Hosted webinar provider goes “down”
  • Phone line issues

Sometimes the best thing you can do is remain calm, apologize and reschedule.



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