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Video + Your Marketing Mix = Success (in just three steps!)

68% of manufacturers stated they plan to increase their spending on video in 2010, according to a recent industrial marketing trends survey conducted by GlobalSpec.

In fact, video has rapidly become an important business-to-business marketing tactic, for a number of reasons:

  • Higher bandwidth connections allow for smooth video streaming
  • Video is inexpensive and easy to produce
  • People respond to video—it takes less effort than reading and in an era where many are glued to the screen it’s a preferred medium


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What do volcanic eruptions have to do with trade show attendance?

What do volcanic eruptions have to do with trade show attendance? They're just another reason to consider Online Trade Shows over location bound events. I found this out first hand while at the INTERPHEX 2010 Show last week in NYC. This annual BioMed/Pharmaceutical Industry show typically draws a large international crowd - but the dust from the volcanic eruption last week resulted in many flights in Europe being cancelled for days. This meant show attendance was down - both for attendees and exhibitors. Ever wish there was a way to exhibit without being held hostage by acts of nature, for example? Online trade shows allow you to stay in control and not be affected by weather, rising costs for travel, lodging, booth space, packing, shipping, storage, etc. Could online trade shows work for you? Find out: http://bit.ly/8YP7Gw

Learn more about the benefits of online events here: http://bit.ly/8YP7Gw

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Reap the Rewards of Building Your Brand Online

Branding is often undervalued. The mantra at many companies is leads and sales, leads and sales, with most marketing investments going toward lead generation activities. In addition, marketers often believe that branding results are difficult to measure.


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Good News: Outlook Getting Brighter for the Industrial Sector

Is the overall economy improving for the industrial sector? The answer is yes, according to the recent 2010 Economic Outlook Survey of GlobalSpec’s registered user base of engineering, technical, manufacturing and industrial professionals.

  • 47% of survey participants expect their company’s sales to be up in 2010. Compare that to 2009, when only 23% said sales would be up. What’s especially encouraging is that gains are expected across a number of industries.
  • Two of the hardest hit industries last year are expected to improve in 2010—the Semiconductor & Electronics industry, where 61% expect sales to be up and the Automotive industry, where 59% expect sales to be up. Other industries expecting gains in 2010 include Consumer Products/Electronics (58%) and Chemicals, Plastics & Rubber (57%).


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Using e-Newsletters to Build Your Business

One common way marketers stay in front of customers is through the use of a company e-newsletter. But with the deluge of e-mail that floods recipients’ inboxes comes the challenge of getting the e-newsletter opened and read. Many companies don’t have dedicated technical writers and editorial staff to provide the articles and content necessary to engage readers to the extent that they make a point of regularly opening and reading the e-newsletters.

To address this challenge in the industrial space, marketers are leveraging third party e-newsletters as a means of essentially using them as a “virtual" engineering editorial department.  Third party e-newsletter titles take on the challenging job of regularly creating and/or aggregating fresh engineering content that engages the B2B marketer’s target audience (getting them to open and read the email), while the B2B industrial marketer “piggybacks” the targeted content with their own brand and product promotions.  

An additional benefit of advertising in third party e-newsletters is they typically have much larger subscriber bases than most manufacturers have in their house list, with subscribers that are in all stages of product research.

Furthermore, leads generated by the third party e-newsletter sponsorships serve to enrich the industrial marketer’s in-house prospect database, which fuels growth and success in future marketing campaigns.

Benefits of third party e-newsletter advertising for industrial marketers:

  1. Eases the burden of having to generate engaging technical content at regular intervals 
  2. Helps build in-house prospect database
  3. Reaches new audiences
  4. Creates increased awareness of brand and products at all stages of the buyer’s information gathering process

What are other benefits you have found from advertising in third party e-newsletters?

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Align Your Marketing with Your Customers’ Buying Process: New Webinar

The industrial buy cycle has been around for as long as products have been bought and sold.  While the stages of the process haven't changed over the years, the way buyers navigate through the buy cycle and where they go to get information has changed dramatically.

Join us for a complimentary, 45-minute Webinar on Tuesday, April 13, titled, Align Your Marketing with Your Customers' Buying Process: Understanding the Industrial Buy Cycle.

Presented by industrial marketing experts Chris Chariton, vice president of marketing services and product management for GlobalSpec, and Brenda Bunkers, product marketing manager for Groschopp, this brief, information-packed Webcast will give you insight into the importance of aligning your marketing strategy with the industrial buy cycle.

Attend and learn:

  • How online information sources are used during each stage of the buy cycle and the factors that influence a purchasing decision, featuring results from our latest surveys of engineering, technical and industrial professionals
  • How to apply an understanding of the buy cycle to your marketing efforts
  • The "last ad" concept, which can lead to flawed marketing decisions and an over-reliance on a narrow set of tactics
  • How to align your content with the various phases of the buy cycle
  • How one company uses marketing to reach their target audience at all stages of the buy cycle.

Register today for this complimentary and informative event and learn how to successfully align your marketing strategy with the industrial buy cycle.


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We might not be flying to work yet, but we are definitely moving…..are you??

Quick. What does industrial online marketing have in common with the Jetsons? Obvious answer: technology.

It seems so simple when we think of how the internet has affected our marketplace and how we do business. Our ROI has skyrocketed. The delays in changing our messaging within current marketing campaigns are no longer an issue.

It is easy to assume that we have kept up with our peers and competitors. What online marketing gives you is the ability to control the results. The ability to know for sure if you are winning the race for business. No assumptions necessary.

What we, the Marketing Mavens of GlobalSpec, know is that we continue to lead the marketplace when it comes to online marketing solutions for industrial marketers. We reach our goals by pushing ourselves beyond our marketing strategies of years past. Not only in terms of profit, new customers and registered users, but also by continuing to grow our brand value on a virtual two-way street. We receive information and we make strategic decisions based on it.

It's true. We drink our own Kool-Aid. Our marketing strategy is centered on online marketing

Now that we are all connected to one another 24/7 – the more difficult question to answer is – how has it changed your marketing strategy?

The answer to this question may come a little slower, but in the end today's online marketing opportunity is to reach our marketing objectives with greater speed and effectiveness while reducing the costs of yesteryear.

Please share your thoughts…….

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